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Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Church Under Construction: Renovating for the Future

The title of this article sounds like we are refurbishing our building (which we are) but our pastor is taking us through a 12 week series of messages concerning who we are as a people. What do we believe and why? How will this help us move forward in the coming days and years?

This church was established as a Restoration Movement church. What does this mean? Who were the men who started the Restoration Movement in the 1800's? Why was there a need to 'simplify church'? These and many other things will be explained and shared.

Last week we learned that Jesus has completed the task of securing the ground for building a life of peace and joy based on our faith and hope.

This coming week we will 'find a secure place' with the theme of: I now know what I need to build my dream life.

Starting February 1st a new Sunday school class will begin which will go deeper into who the men who wanted to 'restore' protestant churches and how the movement began and continues to this day.
"Not the only Christians, but Christians only," is a major theme of this movement.

We meet at 9:30 AM for Sunday school and worship at 10:45 AM every Sunday morning. We hope you'll come and join us. You are welcome to join us anytime!