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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Time is Relative

Time.  This weekend, we will ‘fall back’ an hour. The daylight hours are dwindling for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. Some of us are beginning to scrape ice off our cars in the morning. Heavier coats are replacing our lightweight clothing. Leaves cling for dear life before ultimately losing their battle with gravity and fall to lay scattered upon our lawns and streets.

Time seems to fly by for us, season changing to new season. Have you ever tried to look at it the way God does? To us 40 years can seem like an eternity but to God it’s a blink of an eye. The picture of time for us is here and now, maybe a week or month from now, but for God it may be a century or two.

Many have lost faith with God through the ages because He doesn’t seem to respond but God does answer-in His time. And his timing is perfect. Every person mentioned in the Bible had moments when they felt God wasn’t answering in a timely fashion. However, if they trusted, God provided whatever was needed in that instance.

Here at MacArthur we are traveling through ‘The Story’ this year. The lower story is the one we, as humans travel while God is in the upper story. God is always traveling in the upper story but hopefully, we in the lower story, will intersect and walk with God through our time allotted to us in this time and space. We won’t be able to understand everything as God does, but confidence and peace in the Creator will help us as we travel our road in life.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Changing Seasons

I love the changing of seasons. Autumn is my favorite time of year because I love all the vibrant, ever changing  colors on the trees. The brisk mornings when one is never sure if they will have to scrape a sliver of ice off their car windows. The dead leaves fluttering to the ground, as the wind whispers through the branches.

However, winter is a fun time. I love watching snow falling from the sky, enveloping the earth in silence. One can stay home and read a good book with a hot cup of chocolate. Watching children cavorting and creating snow creatures brings joy for the simple things of life. Never mind the time when we have to deal with dirty slush and being chilled to the bone as we get on with our daily lives. Rejoice in that one or two days when the world slows down to a crawl as it causes one to smile.

Then there is spring! Renewed life. The soft pastel colors which erupt from the ground exclaiming that their rest is over and they are here to proclaim Life. The tender buds on trees seem to materialize from nowhere. One day the branches are bare and the next green buds are shooting towards the sun.

Summer wanders in and out, not sure of when it should make its appearance, but when it does, watch out! Warmth spreads across the earth, bringing forth a bounty of produce. The lazy hazy days of summer seem to go on forever, but just as we're beginning to get into the hectic but restful rhythm of the season it begins to taper off and we're sliding back into Autumn.

I've heard people who wish for one season all year long. But I think that might get boring after awhile. God created each season so we could enjoy the fruits of that season. Sameness would become tiring and we'd not be able to enjoy the world as much. A time to give birth and a time to die; A time to plant and a a time to uproot what is planted." 
Ecclesiastes 3 speaks of there being a time for everything. Verse 2 and 3  says, "

God set everything in motion and we should rejoice in it.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Flying through Clouds

I flew to the East coast of the United States recently. The trip was fairly routine except for the thunder and lightning storm near Chicago where we would transfer to another plane headed to Hartford, CT.  We were nearly diverted but eventually given the go-ahead to land. The return trip was not as stormy but more disconcerting to me. You see we flew through clouds. For a looong time. When you look out your window and see nothing but white around you, and you know that's all the pilot can see, that kind of freaks me out. Why, I'm not sure. Perhaps it has to do with knowing what's around you, and thinking that because you can 'see', you'll  be able to control that environment.

This, however, is not possible. God is the One in control. We, as human beings think we can control everything but that thinking is fallible. In chapter 38 and 39  of Job, God proclaims His power to create and control the world. Again in Psalms 46:10, God proclaims His sovereignty over all. And finally all of Psalm 103 deals with the character and abilities of God. There is no one like Him.

I reminded myself of who is in control and relaxed once more. Eventually we flew out of the clouds into blue sky and landed safely in Portland, OR.

Thanks Lord for always being in control. You are the Pilot of my life even when I can't see what's coming next.