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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Ramblings of an Office Professional

 We are almost through the middle of September and I have the declutter bug. I don’t know but perhaps I’m not the best at keeping my office tidy. I wasn’t trained to be an office worker, you see, but here I am starting my 7th year as the person who runs our church office. Do they teach people how to organize their office space in business school? I’ve often wondered about that. I do like things to be neat and tidy. A messy desk might say I’m busy but to me it says I’m not organized. Things have a place and every place has something that belongs there. If you were to come in after I’ve left for the day, you would find my desk tidy and everything put away. I’m pretty anal about that. It jars me to come in first thing in the morning to a mess on my desk.

I like routine, schedules and a certain way of doing things. This doesn’t mean I’m inflexible but I have to be mindful when something out of the ordinary comes along to not get tied into knots about the change. Why can I do that? I try to think ahead and work on projects weeks ahead of their deadlines. Then if something pops up, I can relax because a delay won’t put me behind.
But getting back to decluttering. I love paper. I love articles. I love to save articles after I’ve read them. Or if I go to a conference, I always take notes so I can look at them later. Do I ever reread any of these items? ... 

Hmm, NO! So periodically, I have to go through and clean out my files, notebooks etc. and cleanse myself of all the clutter. I have a tug of war with deep sixing or keeping said item.  So today I purged nonessential papers and I must admit there was a feeling of release.
Now, if I could only get all my files on the computer in shape…

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Best Story Ever Written - God's

Who doesn’t like a good story? Since the beginning of time, people have been telling stories. Oral stories were shared around campfires. Some were made up stories which shared a truth or moral, but often they were true stories about an occurrence that had happened earlier in time. They weren’t told just once, but many times. Each person who heard the story could and would pass it on to the next generation. Crude forms of writing developed and individuals began to put down these stories to be shared with more people.

Generations of people could not read or even write so the art of story-telling continued and still exists to this day. But something happened. A machine which could print the written word into books was created!

Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press with replaceable/movable wooden or metal letters in 1436 (completed by 1440). (About.com)
The first book printed was the Bible. Before this, people could only hear the words of God shared by priests at church.  Now, those who were affluent enough, could hold the words of God in their own hands and read whenever they wanted. Slowly education of the masses became the norm and all could read the Bible. In the last 2 decades, newer translations of God’s story have helped us understand His story in words we understand in this time period.
The stories are as relevant today as when they were first told. Stories of love, hate, deceit, courage, sacrifice, words of wisdom, parables set in themes that people can still understand. God has used people throughout the ages to share His words with us verbally and in written form. 

On Sept. 15th, we will begin the journey of reading God’s story in a new way. In narrative form without verse numbers or the book names. It will be God’s story told in chronological order of the main events in the Bible. We will capture the bigger picture of God and who He is by reading and hearing God’s story told in a unique way.

Come and join us on this journey. Don’t you like a good story?