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Friday, August 23, 2013

Sparkling Clean

Recently a friend asked if I had bought a new car. I looked at my 2002 van and answered ‘no’. She said it looked so new. I realized the reason she said this was because I had just run the van through a carwash a couple of weeks before.  I had received a coupon for a free carwash and decided it was time to wash off the crud which had been caked on for over a year.
The car sparkled and did look ‘new’. Well, except for the scrapes from where someone had rubbed against a yellow pillar to keep away from the drive through machine at our credit union! And if you look closely you will see some other dings and scratches acquired through the 11 years and nearly 200,000 miles we have put on it. But overall, it does look amazingly good. We have had to keep the tires in good running order, replace brakes and a transmission, and change the oil from time to time to keep it working in good order.
Which brought me to this thought. Our lives are like that. We acquire crud over a period of time. If we don’t ‘wash’ it off, it just keeps piling on. However, God gave us a ‘free pass’ in the person of Jesus Christ. When we accept Him as our Lord and Savior, we are washed and sparkle like new. Sure, there will be dents and dings which will continue to show up and we’ll still have to maintain our lives, by spending time in the Bible, engage with others and spend time with God during the day. However if we maintain this routine, our lives will be replenished and we will shine for the Lord!

Have you accepted God’s ‘free pass’?