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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Loving as Jesus Loves

Weekly Update for the week of Oct 25th

Tuesday evening I attended a summit meeting on homelessness in Clark County. This invite had been sent out to faith based organizations as well as to the general public. The event drew over 100 people from a variety of churches and organizations which work with the homeless or near homeless, such as Share, Open House and Friends of the Carpenter. In small groups we discussed issues concerning how we could eradicate homelessness in Clark County. We brainstormed ideas and discussed the viability of some of the ideas set forth. At the end we made a circle and each person was asked to share in a few words what was the key thing we were taking away from this meeting. Many spoke of breaking down the barriers between bodies of faith; a sense of cooperating instead of competing. Others spoke about compassion and hope for the disenfranchised.

As I pondered on this event later that night and since then, the one thing I grasped more than anything else is this: Jesus came to earth. He only said and did what the Father told him to do. And what did Jesus say and do? He spent most of his time with those who were and would be considered less than desirable in that time period, as well as this time period. He had compassion and cared for the less fortunate.

As Christ followers we are to follow in His footsteps. Do the kind of things He did. My question to me, as well as to each of you who read this is, are we? Are we stepping out of our comfort zones to help the less fortunate? Do we look at them as we pass them on the street? Or do we look beyond them and act like they are invisible?

In the coming weeks and months, plans will be put into place to help those in our community who have been invisible. Will you be willing to do something to help them become visible? Please prayerfully consider what God is saying to you.

Blessings, Anna

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Women's Retreat

Weekly Update for the week of Oct 18th

Last weekend our women and their friends went on their yearly retreat to Aldersgate Conference Center in Turner, Oregon. They worshipped, listened to an inspiring speaker, had lots of good food, and relaxed. Some chose to work on sewing projects while others played games or sat and visited with each other. The women came back refreshed and ready to tackle their lives again.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Weekly Update for the week of Oct. 10th to Oct. 17th

Today, I’m savoring the beautiful sunshine filtering through my window. The trees are blazing yellows, oranges and reds and the leaves are drifting towards the ground allowing the child in each of us to run and scatter them under our feet.

Savor this moment. The weather people tell us rain is on the way. A part of me is looking forward to that event. It’s been over 3 months since last we really saw liquid from the skies. When we were in Illinois we had a short shower. It seemed strange to see droplets propelling towards us. The folks that lived there were even more astonished but it was very short lived.

Unfortunately, there will be those who will complain two days after the showers begin. They cry out, ‘when will we ever see the sun come out again?’ ‘All it does is rain here!’ ‘Why can’t we have weather like southern California?’

I don’t complain about the weather often. My complaints are more in the realm of complaining about aches and pains. Right now, I’m putting up with an ear infection. I finally went to see the PA and was given an antibiotic. Now, you might wonder why someone my age is complaining. But you see, I’ve NEVER had an ear infection before in my life! Earaches, yes, sore throats and sinus infections but never one which has debilitated my ability to hear. Inwardly I'm miffed, impatient and desiring instant healing. It hasn’t happen yet.

But then I began to think about people, some I know, even, who have never been able to hear out of one ear. They’ve always had this lopsided ability to hear. And what about those who are completely deaf and never hear any sounds? It could be a lot worse.

Then I heard of a young woman who may have brain cancer. That kind of put me at a standstill. Brain cancer. Now that is a biggie. An ear infection? Not so much.

We can’t change the weather or situations we find ourselves in at times. We can’t change our body’s diagnosis but we can change the way we view all of them. When we put ourselves in the hands of our Maker and allow Him first place in our hearts, we can savor this moment in time. We may not like what we will have to face tomorrow, but He will be there just the same.

Blessings, Anna

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weekly Update for the week of Oct. 3rd -10th.


This time, last week Ron, Gloria and I were on our way to the Midwest. We traveled by way of Denver to St. Louis. The next morning we went down to where the Arch is and toured that area. The evidence of the drought was there. The mighty Mississippi’s water level was way down. I commented that our Columbia River was more impressive than it.

We wandered through the court house where Dred Scott and his wife petitioned over and over to be freed from slavery. This was during the late 1850’s even before Abraham Lincoln became president. However, this case caught his attention and was one of several reasons which influenced his decision to run for president.

The drive to Petersburg/Athens Illinois was one of mile after mile of corn fields; all stunted and crispy dry from the drought. This distressed me, a farm girl at heart; because I know how disheartening it can be to see something you’ve poured yourself into come to a futile end. Watching the evening news, farmers were questioned about the dismal returns for their effort and almost to a man, they shrugged and said ‘hopefully next year things would be better, the rains would come and this would all be history.’

What perseverence! Even in the face of great odds, people like the Scotts pursued their dream of freedom. The farmers of today look beyond the here and now and plan for next year.

As Christians we sometimes go through times of drought in our personal lives and as a body of believers. We wonder if anything will ever change. Will there be a new ‘crop’ of lives transformed by the Holy Spirit? Will the personal situation we find ourselves in ever change for the better? I believe so, if we will only persevere in our faith and keep our eyes on the Lord.

Blessings, Anna